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Leverage S5 Icons Plus Others [Apr. 9th, 2015|08:42 pm]

Teasers:  photo leverage-quote1.png  photo leverage-ac13.png  photo leverage-negspace1.png

See the rest HERE
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Icons [Mar. 26th, 2015|04:35 pm]

24 random icons, mostly made for challenges

Teasers:  photo ss3_3.png  photo spn7_6.png  photo holland1_1.png

Find the rest HERE
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Icons [Mar. 8th, 2015|05:36 pm]

BtVS and Supernatural Icons

Teasers:  photo dawn-monochrometext1.png  photo dawn-duplicate1.png  photo dawn-ac7.png

See the rest Here
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Faith Icons [Mar. 1st, 2015|12:45 am]


OVER HERE @ obsidian_gaze
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Buffy Summers Icons [Feb. 23rd, 2015|02:31 pm]

 photo joy.png  photo behind.png  photo corner.png

all icons HERE and HERE
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BTVS 'Family' Icons [Feb. 1st, 2015|06:49 pm]

20 icons from the BTVS S5 episode 'Family' for btvsats20in20 plus 9 extras

Teasers:  photo family-ac4.png  photo family-primary.png  photo family-partialface2.png

See the rest HERE
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2015|08:13 pm]


more @ inthe_sunshine
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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2015|09:49 pm]

BtVS, Supernatural and Teen Wolf Icons

Teasers:  photo bangel-accessory2.png  photo bangel-quote.png  photo bangel-purple1.png

See more HERE
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Buffyversetop5's 2014 Session Starts Jan 1 [Dec. 18th, 2014|05:00 pm]

At month's end buffyversetop5 reopens for its 2014 session. Recs to any and all types of fan-created Buffyverse works are eligible so long as they were created or continued in 2014.

Gifting your fellow fans some lovely items to start the coming year with is a great way to celebrate the holiday season, and spread a little cheer to all those wonderful writers, artists, vidders, mods, and more who have given you something to smile (or maybe cry) about during 2014. So after all the eating, drinking, and general merrymaking is done, don't forget about the Buffyverse :) We'll be opening at midnight GMT on January 1st (6 PM on the 31st in the U.S.) and will remain open through midnight UTC on January 19th.

If you want to help spread the news, several artists have made us some starter treats to entice friends to the party. If you have any questions about the session, ask them here!
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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2014|09:17 pm]

20+ icons of Spike


more here @ betweenthewoods
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